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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Lyme Disease IS in Canada. Stop fooling yourselves!!!!!!

Ashley and her family are asking for any support any one can offer to help fight her 21 year battle with chronic lyme disease When Ashley was 6 years old she was bitten by her first tick. She developed a bullseye rash on her wrist . she was taken to the hospital where whe was given 3 doses of laughing gas and then taken into another room so the dr could get whatever was in there out!........ To read the rest of Ashley's story click here

Friday, 30 October 2015

No title LOL ....

So I have been up since 7:30 am, I was hoping to sleep in today but that doesn't happen very often. Four kids equals not enough sleep especially when the hubby is away at work. We here in canada recently had an election for Prime Minister and our elected PM is Liberals Justin Trudeau. So many whinny asses out there are bitching about it but we voted him in so now you all need to learn to deal with that. 

People are saying oh he is going to get rid of the oilfield when in reality he is all for the pipelines. Read this  if you do not agree..... 
Secondly people are scaring families into believing they are losing their Child tax benefit which in reality is not going to happn. That would be career suicide. Here is where you find out the truth about that.

I for one voted for Liberal because I believe Canada NEEDED this change. We need a younger leader someone who understands that we are the generation that is building the economy and our generations children are next. Stephan Harper and Mr. Mulclair are too old to see any of this. They are only thinking about their generation which is not helping us and it would have ruined the next generation's chances of building the economy properly.

While I am not sure about Trudeau bringing in 25,000 refugees, Canada has done this in the past and there is still a process that these people will have to go through in order to be allowed in our country. We are quite over run with immigrants as it is and I think that if they want to allow more these people should be able to add something to our country and be able to support themselves. We as tax payers should not have to support them.

If Canada ever got to the place that these other countries are at wouldn't you want the same courtesy extended to us? We need to remember that Canada is a friendly country and that is the reason immigrants WANT to come here so why are we going to start being assholes and not letting them in. They are people after all. We need to stop waging war on everyone who is from other countries because the only way we all survive is to work TOGETHER!!!! TEAM WORK is something we learned in elementary so lets show that we can all do this.

Monday, 30 March 2015


I went last weekend to visit my guy at his hotel and we had a couple of days together. It was so awesome. I miss him so much while he is away but it makes our relationship that much stronger. I kinda wish I could find a job just to have my own money for when he's away so I am not having to depend on him but I also do not want to lose my weekends with him lol. Gonna try this blogging thing again and see if I can get this page rank up again. I used to make $300 per month on this blog which totally helps when you're raising 4 kidlets. 
My honey bought us a family swim pass last week too so we will definitely be using that while he is away. I just really want to try to get us all being healthier. My 12 and 3 yr old both don't do much excersize so this will help somewhat. Anywhoo my littlest one is asleep now so I am gonna go do dishes woohoo!!! NOT!! Lol but its gotsta be done lol